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Airborne Composites, SL

Airborne International provides advanced composite solutions for industrial market leaders in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Marine industry. As preferred supplier and OEM we design, develop, qualify and manufacture products for the most demanding applications. Our goal is to assist and enable our clients to reach new frontiers.

Airborne envisages the future where the composites industry has grown and matured, offering its products and services to a greater amount or markets and applications. In this vision, new design approaches in combination with manufacturing automation will play a crucial role in enabling industrialisation and the necessary cost reductions to compete with other available materials.

Airborne’s mission is to develop composites technologies that increase the applicability of composites and create opportunities for the composites industry to grow. Industrialisation and cost-reductions are currently the key challenges for the industry to tackle. Airborne’s mission is to contribute to solving this challenge and we are convinced that our unique concept for composites automation will enable us to accomplish this.

At the basis of our drive lies a set of values that we steer on and live by and find of importance in our relations with our stakeholders. At the core of our set of values are:

  • Teamwork: active participation in the realization of a common result in a positive and constructive, open and transparent, respectful, motivational and amicable manner

  • Ownership: taking responsibility for your own work, actions and results as part of the Airborne community

  • Precision: executing activities precisely and accurately and sharing a common goal in our way of working, being mindful of each other’s safety, delivering consequently on our promises.

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