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Horizon Research Lab, SL

Horizon is a Research Lab dedicated to natural dyes, in order to explore the possibilities offered by nature to produce goods.
Inspired by a new concept of conscious consumption, it emphasizes sustainability, integration, knowledge sharing and respect.

Our dyeing patented process© is completely natural, innocuous and organic certified.
It is the only natural dye process done at an industrial level with this certification and accredits our compromise with the environment and people’s health.
Our dyeing processes are of our own design (copyright).

Our main goal has been to achieve efficiency with classical natural pigmentary dyes as those of vegetal and mineral origin. Our dyeing process© works well with any natural pigment, of vegetal or mineral origin. We don’t work with raw materials of animal origin.

Efficiency has been proved because the absence of toxical mordents, the dyeing in a record time of 1 hour, with a cold cycle of dyeing, without waste and recycliing the 100% of water.
The raw materials are sustainable proven, with no toxicity, coming from renewable sources.
Plus, the colors have an high color fastness, and with a wide palette.

As our process of dyeing© is 100% natural, with no toxicity to humans or environment, producing no waste and no water effluents, the final product never becomes a waste, as it’s completely biodegradable, attaining a total bio-assimilation with the environment.

Horizon Natural Dyes Research Lab© has been conceived as a CRADLE TO CRADLE process of dyeing:

  • Sustainable raw materials
  • Recycled 100% water
  • Use of renewable energies
  • No emissions of effluents nor toxic waste
  • Return to the environment of an ecological textile, easily biodegradable, bio-assimilable.
We obtain a high durability product that evolves over time, with a progressive and slow degradation that gives to the garment a different value and beauty.


Persona de contacte: Manuel Subirats Costa

Edifici: Centre d' Empreses-Giroemprèn

C/ Pic de Peguera, 11 (Ala A - Despatx A·1·10b)
(17003 Girona)