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Business Centre d'Empreses - Giroemprèn the laboratories measure 45 m2. They are modular spaces.
Each module has the following facilities:

a. Running water and type II purified water
b.Access to type I purified water
c. Natural Gas
d. Technical gases (CO2, O2, nitrogen)
e. Access to the liquid nitrogen tank
f. Vacuum circuit
g. Access to shared laboratory spaces and specific equipment
h. Access to the Technical Research Services of the University of Girona
i. Central management of special waste

The spaces have all the facilities of an office (air-conditioning, lighting, electricity and voice and data connections).

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Common Biotech laboratories area

The self-service BIOTECH laboratory facilities and common areas in the Giroemprèn building are as follows:

a. Common rooms (storage area, laboratory for the preparation of samples and heavy apparatus laboratory). Situated on the ground floor.

b. Technical gas (He, Co2, O2) facility and type I and II water production systems. Situated in the underground car-park area.

c. Liquid nitrogen and Nitrogen gas production station. Situated outside the Giroemprèn building.

List of facilities and appliances for the common areas
· Sample preparation laboratory
· Orbital shaker
· Vortex type shaker
· Type I water production apparatus
· Autoclave
· Water shaker tub
· Bunsen burners (6)
· Stove
· Oven
· Scales (1)
· Crushed ice machine
· pH-metres (3)
· heating plates (3)
· Thermal sterilizer
· Heavy instrument laboratory
· 2-rotor high speed cooled centrifuge
· 3-rotor tabletop cooled centrifuge
· 20ºC freezer (2)
· 80ºC freezer
· Alarm system connected to the deep freezer
. 4ºC refrigerators (2)
. Ice photo-documentation system including computer and software
. Balance room
. Analytical balance
. Scales (2)
. Plate reader with computer and software
. 4ºC cold chamber
. Photographic/dark room
. Transilluminators (UV/Vs)

· Frigorífics 4ºC (2)
· Sistema de fotodocumentació de gels dotat d’ordinador i programari
· Sala de balances
· Balança analítica
· Granetaris (1)
· Lector de plaques dotat d’ordinador i programari
· Cambra freda 4ºC
· Sala fosca/fotogràfica
· Transil·luminadors (UV/Vis)
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