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Workshops Centre Empreses - Giroemprèn

Business Centre: The workshops measure 75 m2 and are split into two parts, one of which is raised one metre higher than the other. The upper area has three workplaces (voice and data connections and electricity) and drainage. The lower part, which is more like a typical workshop, has access to the street for loading and unloading and has:

a. Water
b. Compressed air
c. Three-phase electricity supply
d. The spaces have all the facilities of an office (air-conditioning, lighting, electricity and voice and data connections).

Workshops Jaume Casademont

The workshops are of sizes varying from 44m2 to 175 m2. Each module consists of 2 parts: the workshop area and a gallery. The upper section has 3 to 8 work-stations (voice, data and electricity points) and water outlet. The lower part, the workshop itself, has direct access from the street to facilitate loading and unloading and has:

a. water point
b. compressed air
c. voice and data point
d. three-phase control box
All the rooms have air-conditioning and ventilation.

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently