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The Research and Innovation Park of Girona offers a total of 3 auditoriums that provide all conditions for holding all kinds of activities and events. The facilities are designed to host conferences, forums, exhibitions, presentations, seminars, among others.

You can choose the space that suits according to the volume of attendees (60 to 160) and also by type of act. In addition, it can be arranged an exhibition area, an area for catering, coffee breaks, etc.

Distributions of spaces are different in each case.


Centre d'Empreses - Giroemprèn

Auditorium 60 people
Description:A 100 m2 hall holding 60 people. The hall is set up like a theatre with the speakers' rostrum at the front of the stage.
It is situated in the central section of the ground floor of the building.
Capacity:60 people
Equipment: This hall is equipped with a screen, projector, microphones and a laptop computer.

Jaume Casademont

Auditorium 121 people

Description: A 120 m2 hall holding 121 people. The seating has arm-rests and there is a two-place translators' booth, a public address system (four table microphones and one cordless microphone) a screen and projector.
It is situated on the ground floor at the main entrance to the building.

Capacity: 121 people
Equipment: screen, projector and laptop computer.

Manel Xifra Boada

Auditorium- 145 people
Description: A 140 m2 hall situated in block B of the building, holding 145 people. It is equipped with seating without arm rests, a fixed rostrum seating up to five people, screen, projector and four table microphones.

Capacity: 145 people.
Equipment: Screen, projector and laptop computer.
301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently