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The Smart Lollipop

The Smart Lollipop is a non-intrusive medical device in shape of a lollipop with the goal to detect diseases with a single saliva sample. It targets children to monitor and control the level of their health with a biosensor technology, and therefore, prevent the potential health risks. The lollipop, with an electronic lector, shows the results of the diagnosis in a minutes and in a online platform.

Our journey began in 2017 at the iFest Dream Big Challenge Innovation in Barcelona. Competing with more than 300 teams and 7000 participants, we were the winners of the ideation competition. From that moment, we traveled to Paris, London, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley improving our project and learning about disruptive innovation. Later, we created our team with people from different fields and we’ve developed our project with recognized accelerations: UNICEF Lab and Ship2B. Nowadays, together with our fantastics partners, we are in the business adventure, developing the innovative medical device.

There has not been a single day that we’ve doubted the success of The Smart Lollipop.



Persona de contacte: Diana Ballart

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